"Eat, Pray, Love" - Not exactly going by the book

17.09.2010 12:10 di Cathal Mullan   vedi letture
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"Eat, Pray, Love" - Not exactly going by the book

Film adaptations of popular literature are commonplace nowadays and the public have largely become accustomed to witnessing various amendments of the script. However, on occasion, there are movies that are altered to the point of audience alienation. “Eat, Pray, Love,” which hits Italian cinema today is a noteworthy example, particularly for our tifosi.


The memoir recalls the story of author, Elizabeth Gilbert as she ventures off to Italy, India and Indonesia to help heal her life wounds. Her Italian adventure incorporates a visit to the Stadio Olimpico and she begins to understand the rivalry that exists within the capital between Lazio and Roma. In reality and in the book, this experience is shared with Luca Spaghetti and other laziali. It would be disappointing but perhaps comprehensible if this chapter of her journey was omitted in the creative process but sadly, the production crew couldn't even muster that level of kindness for us. 

Instead, we are subjected to a distorted version of the truth as the biancocelesti faithful are replaced with giallorossi imitations. The Lazio fans of the book have become the Roma fans of the movie. Suffice to say, there is a storm brewing in a teacup with this saga and rightly so. With Julia Roberts as the main protagonist and a star-studded cast in general, this false depiction is worth battling as this is a potential Hollywood blockbuster that does more than minimise or nullify the passion of our supporters.

Hence, the proposal from lalaziosiamonoi is to boycott the cinema wherever you are in the world and let your curiosity for “Eat, Pray, Love” extend no further than your home computer or television set and a copy on DVD.